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What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data whichare sent to your computer by the websites you visit. These data files aremanaged by your internet browser which guarantees that only the website whichis issuing them is able to read and modify them. These enable the collection ofinformation which is relative to your browsing activity so as to enhance youruser experience and provide relevant information to the owners of the website(particularly statistics on its audience).

Find detailed information on the use ofcookies below:


These cookies allow you to connect tothe website and log in as a member during your visit.


These cookies customise and save yourbrowsing preference (e.g. maintaining the user's preferred language from onepage to another).


These cookies are used to displaytargeted ads based on the analysis of your browsing experience on the VnFind24h.Comwebsite.

Socialnetwork sharing buttons

These cookies allow you to share contentfrom the VnFind24h.Com website on social media platforms.

Audiencemeasurement and target cookies

Audience measurement cookies help usbetter understand our users' behaviour and to get to know the VnFind24h.Comwebsite's audience. Analysing data collected via these cookies helps to improvethe website and allow our partners to check if we have displayed their ads onour website.

Target cookies are ad prospection pixelsas well as retargeting services pixels which indicate whether users have madeany specific actions after seeing an ad or clicking on it. These services usecookies to link an action to a user.

Discover Vietnam Community (VnFind24h.Com)uses different target cookies such as Google AdWords Conversion, Google DynamicRemarketing and Google Double Click which are managed by Google; and FacebookCustom Audience which are managed by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave,Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook"); and Optinmonster Cookies.

Why do we use cookies?

VnFind24h.Com uses cookies for variousreasons. Some of these cookies allow us you to keep your browsing or displaypreferences while others allow us to provide customised content services andads, and to collect statistics so that we can track the website's audience.They mainly help us to improve user experience and allow you to use certainfeatures and services.

Where do we use cookies?

Cookies are used on all our pages.

Third-party cookies

As mentioned in our General Conditions, VnFind24h.Com works with third-partypartners. These partners may have to install their own cookie on your browserwhen you visit their website from the VnFind24h.Com website so that you canbenefit from their services.

List of cookies and their duration

Authentication cookies: 1 month

Persistent cookies: 6 months

Social network sharing buttons andaudience measurement and target cookies: These are third-party cookies whoseduration is not under our control. By accepting these cookies, you agree thatthese third -parties have access to your personal data for the purpose and tothe extent mentioned above. If you have any objection to the transmission ofyour personal data, you can use a browser add-ons to deactivate this serviceby clicking here.

How to manage or delete cookies?

Via yourbrowser

You can object to the installation of athird-party cookie via your browser. In general, the configuration of internetbrowsers is set to accept cookies by default. The users can freely expresstheir choice by using the options provided by the browser they are using. Thesesettings allow the user to accept or block cookies either on a case-by-casebasis or systematically.

Cookies are managed in different ways byvarious internet browsers. Below are some tips on how to manage cookies on yourpreferred internet browser.


Menu> Settings> Show advancedsettings (located at the bottom of the page).

Click on the "Contentsettings" button and then check the "Block cookies and data fromthird-party websites" box. Click on "OK" to confirm your choice.


Menu> Options> "Privacy"tab

Set the "Retention rules" menuto "Use custom settings for history".

Uncheck the "Accept third-partycookies" box.


Menu> Internet Options>"Privacy" tab and the Advanced button to bring up the AdvancedPrivacy Settings window.

Check the "Ignore automatic cookiemanagement" box and select "Decline" in the "Third-partycookies" column.


Operation cookies used by VnFind24h.Comcannot be disabled. These cookies belong to the following categories:

  • Authentication and Session ID
  • Security
  • Preferences
  • Features and services

To set up the use of cookies used byGoogle Ads, please visit:

Social networks use cookies to enhanceuser experience. If you would like to modify the use of cookies by socialnetworks, refer to these companies' websites.

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