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VnFind24h.Com is registered with the Vietnam Data Protection Commissioner. We arededicated to protecting the security and privacy of the personal information wereceive, process and transfer. We comply with the applicable data protectionlaws, namely the Data Protection Act 2017 (Mauritius) and if you are based inthe European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679)(GDPR). In this policy, 'VnFind24h.Com', 'us', 'we' and 'our' refer to 'VnFind24h.Com'.

The users browsing the VnFind24h.Comwebsite (the User) and those registered on VnFind24h.Com (the Member) are thedata subjects concerned in this Privacy Policy. VnFind24h.Com collectsinformation from you when you use our website ("VnFind24h.ComWebsite"), our services and request information from us. By using ourservices you accept that we process your personal data.

VnFind24h.Com carries out the followingdata processing:

  • Customization of the interface and functionalities of our platform
  • Adding Content on the platform
  • Community management
  • Customization of our newsletter
  • Diffusion of promotional content
  • Retention and communication of personal data in order to identify anyone who contributed to the creation of online content
  • Monitoring the status of members' accounts
  • Creation and use of cookies
  • Response to contact requests
  • Transmission of quote requests to our business partners
  • Management of customer files for certain services (direct marketing, advertising, premium account)
  • Research, Analysis, Reporting, and Statistics

Legal basisof data processing

The processing of personal dataimplemented by VnFind24h.Com as a data controller and data processor, is basedon the execution of a contract to which the registered member is a party (General Terms and Conditions of Use); the execution of pre-contractualmeasures taken at the request of the latter (creation of the VnFind24h.Comaccount, request for quotation); and the prior consent of the users concerningthe cookies (see our Cookie Policy). The legal basis for the retention andcommunication of data to identify any person who has contributed to thecreation of content on the VnFind24h.Com website is a legal requirement towhich the processor is bound. The legal basis for processing your data for thepurposes of responding to a contact request or for marketing purposes is thelegitimate interest of the processor. More information on the use of your datafor marketing purposes are mentioned below.

Our contactdetails are:

Email :

VnFind24h.Com is not requiredto designate a representative in the European Union, as the data processing itcarries on is occasional, does not include processing, on a large scale, ofspecial categories of personal data or the processing of personal data relatingto criminal convictions and offences, and is unlikely to result in a risk toyour rights and freedoms.

What information do we collect?

In order to provide you with theservices mentioned above, we may collect and process your personal dataincluding the following categories:

  • Identity and Contact Data
  • Business Information
  • Technological Data
  • Profile and Usage Data
  • Physical Access Data

What data do you provide us with?

When you create an account with VnFind24h.Comor when you use any of our services we may use forms to request your personaldata in order to provide you with the services we offer. The fields marked withan asterisk are mandatory. The mandatory sections allow our authorized team toguarantee a high level of authenticity and reliability of the informationposted online. The display of this information can be validated by the teamonce the forms are completed.

You may also provide us with personaldata when you:

  • Update your profile
  • Add a property or real estate search
  • Publish an advertisement
  • Upload a job offer or a CV/résumé
  • Create an event
  • Add a company to our business directory
  • Create a blog
  • Upload a blogpost
  • Post an image
  • Register to a webinar
  • Register to an online event
  • Register to an event
  • Send a quote request
  • Send a contact request (individual)
  • Send a contact request (commercial or institutional partner)

Your use ofthe VnFind24h.Com website

We may collect information in regards tohow you use our products and services, such as the type of content you see orinteract with; the features you use; the actions you take; the people youinteract with; the duration, frequency, and date of your visits. Thisinformation allows us to offer you an improved user experience and to suggestfeatures, content, or profiles adapted to your browsing and preferences. We willcollect your Internet Protocol address when you complete a form or register asa member. This data helps us determine your geographic location and it can beused as a security measure to fight unsolicited commercial communications(commonly known as 'spam').


If you make a financial transaction withVnFind24h.Com through our platform or through a third party, we may collectyour personal data in regards to the purchase.


We collect the information about whattype of device you are using when you are connecting to our Website. Thisinformation will allow us to perform browsing and performance analysis, toprovide you with an improved user experience.

Third PartyPartner Information

We use partners to conductresearch and analysis on how our platform is used. We also use partners todistribute and display promotional and informational advertising and messageson and off the Website. The partners are Google (DFP, Analytics), Facebook, andOptinmonster.

Cookies, webtokens, and other similar technologies

You can consult our Cookies Policy.

How do we use this information?

Improvementof our services

We will use your personal information toimprove our services and products with the objective of providing you with anoptimized user experience.


We use the information collected todisplay or send you communications which may be of interest to you. Thisincludes:

  • A newsletter, which keeps you informed on the latest updates on the platform, provides you with customized advertisements and offers you best-in-class tips to make your project a success. At any time, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter, but you will not receive useful and relevant content any more, which may make your project harder to achieve.
  • Electronic communications, inviting expatriates to share their experience on the forum and where soon-to-be-expatriates are invited to read the advice provided by expatriates.
  • Emails promoting products and services from our commercial partners, which are adapted to their profile, project or behavior on the site.
  • Emails or notifications where members are invited to take part of specific events or webinars.

Analysis andResearch

We may use your personal data to assessthe quality of the services we and our partners offer you, and to obtainstatistics on the use and browsing of VnFind24h.Com.


We may use your personal data to promoteour products and services, as well as those of our partners and customers.

Security andInvestigations

We may use your personal data to checkaccount activity, take the appropriate action in case of improper conduct,detect spammers and scammers, maintain the integrity of our website, and ensurea high level of security of personal data.

Marketing& Commercial Activities

By using our services on the VnFind24h.Comwebsite, you agree that we may use your personal data to carry out marketingand commercial activities with business prospects.

Profiling Activities

We may conduct profiling activitiesbased on your personal data in order to provide you with the right platforminterface and send you relevant communications.

How and with whom is this informationshared?

We may be required to disclose your personaldata to comply with legal or regulatory requirements.

Please note that the authorized staff ofauditing services (auditor, internal control procedures departments, etc.) maybe required to access this information as part of their audit assignment.

Please note that VnFind24h.Com dataprocessing providers shall, on our behalf and under our strict instructions,have access to your personal data pursuant to an agreement signed between thedata processing providers and us to process such data for specified purposes.


Your profile allows you to be visible onand make the most of our website.

You may decide whether or not to shareyour profile data with all of our community and visitors. The authorized staffof VnFind24h.Com can access your profile data to customize your experience, tocontact you, and as part of audit and security operations.

Posts, Likes,Comments

The data shared on the Website,including posts, announcements, or comments, are public and accessible to all.

Posts can be deleted by the authorwithin one hour of posting. After an hour, and in order to fight spam, authorsshould contact the VnFind24h.Com by using the contact form.


Your private messages are onlyvisible by its recipient and the sender. However, the authorized staff of VnFind24h.Commay be required to have access to private messages at the request of therecipient to prevent spam, scams, and other inappropriate behavior or by therelevant government body for the purposes of detecting and prosecuting criminaloffenses or if required to do by a court order.

Contact forms

We use contact forms to collect thenecessary data to communicate with you. The only recipients of your data arethe VnFind24h.Com staff authorized to respond to your request for information.We use contact forms and forms on the Service Directory to collect thenecessary data to connect with commercial and/or institutional partners. Theforms received also allow us to respond to the requests as well as to build andoperate a database for commercial purposes. We use contact forms on and off the vnFind24h's Website to validate your registration and to give you access to Webinars oronline events. The forms received allow us to provide you with the services forwhich you have registered, to send you relevant messages, and to offer servicesthat are complementary or adapted to your behavior on and off the VnFind24h.Comwebsite. The recipients of this data are the authorized staff of VnFind24h.Com,and the sponsor(s) and/or contributors.

We use contact forms on and off the VnFind24h.Comwebsite to register for events. These forms allow us to validate yourregistration and facilitate your participation in the event. The recipients ofthis data are the authorized staff of VnFind24h.Com, and the sponsor(s) and/orcontributors.

We collect personal data as part of ourintermediary activity with service providers (for example: Health Insurance,International Movers). The personal data that we collect is required by thecompanies with whom we work to provide the services you are interested toobtain. Forms are designed to encourage a more personalized interaction, and tooffer a tailored quote. The data collected also allow us to carry out analysisand research, such as satisfaction surveys and to create database of similarprofiles. Finally, this information allows us to display relevant advertisingand promotional information. By using our services you agree that for thepurposes of obtaining any services which we promote on our website you acceptto us sending your personal data to our partners, whether within or outside Vietnam.


Advertisement campaign reporting isanonymous and shared only with our advertisers, and is accessible by authorizedVnFind24h.Com staff.


The information collected for premiumaccounts and published in the business directory is public.

Payment information for customers whohave subscribed to a premium account may be accessible by the authorized staffof VnFind24h.Com.

How long do we keep this information?


Your profile information is kept as longas you are a member and until the account is deleted.

Posts, Likes,Comments

Until the account is deleted, with theexception of posts and comments on the forum, which can continue to be usedanonymously by VnFind24h.Com once the account is deleted.


Your private messages are kept untilyour account is deleted.

Data fromContact Forms

Data sent on the Contact Forms are keptuntil the purposes for which they were submitted no longer exist.

Data sent by professionals acting onbehalf of a company, organization, or institution is stored according to thestatutory limitation period.

AdvertisingPerformance Report

Performance reports of theAdvertisements do not contain personal reference information. They are kept forarchival and statistical purposes for an indefinite period.

Data fromquote requests or service registrations

Data from quote requests are stored fora period of 13 months, with the exception of email addresses, which are storedfor two years for the sole purpose of creating similar audiences and offeringproducts and services tailored to your profile. You also have the possibilityto request to be removed from our database by contacting us at: contact@vnFind24h.Com.

Data frompremium accounts

Until the end of the subscription periodVnFind24h.Com does not store data related to payment transactions.

Other type ofcontent

Ads posted by members on the platform onthe "Classifieds", "Jobs" and "Housing" sectionsare stored for a period not exceeding 12 months.

Ads posted by members on theother sections are kept until their account is deleted.

Rights of access, management, andobjection to these data

You have the right to access, rectify orerase your personal data, or to object to them being processed. You also have aright to the portability of your data. You also have the right to lodge acomplaint with the applicable supervisory authority (in Vietnam, it is the DataProtection Office). Furthermore, if you were asked to consent for thecollection, processing and transfer of your personal data, you have the rightto fully or partly withdraw your consent at any time. You can exercise theserights by sending your request via email to contact (at) vnFind24 (dot) com.

As a member of VnFind24h.Com, you canchange your subscription options, including email notifications on your profilepage, at any time. However, we reserve the right to provide you with informational messages, without the possibility of unsubscribing, such asannouncements of new services or administrative messages related to your VnFind24h.Comaccount.

Please note that you have the option toopt out of receiving certain types of communication: we include an unsubscribelink in every email we send to you. Please note that for technical reasons, anyobjection to the use of your personal data for the purposes mentioned in thisdocument may be tantamount to deleting your account. In this case, a member ofour team will contact you in order to explain the technical issues that we encountered.

VnFind24h.Com must reply to you within a period of one month. If necessary, this period may be extended by 2 months, depending on the complexity and the number of requests received.

Account Deletion

Each Member can ask for the deletion of their account by using the Contact form. In this case, all personal data will be deleted from our servers and our data processing provider will also be requested to delete all such personal data.

Data transfer

VnFind24h.Com may transfer the data subjects' personal data to other countries.

When we transfer personal data to other countries we will ensure that there are appropriate safeguards in place in regards to the protection of the personal data. We will use, share and safeguard the information as described above.

VnFind24h.Com may have to transfer your personal data to countries that do not provide the same level of protection as the country in which you reside. The transfer of your personal data to these countries will only take place in the following situations:

  • When it is necessary for the services we provide you
  • When it is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims
  • When it is necessary for the performance of a contract
  • When it is subject to the safeguards that assure the protection of your personal information

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update and alter this Policy in order to reflect any changes in the way we process your personal data or in the legal requirement.

For the effective date of the current Privacy Policy, please see the top of the page.


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